Backstroke swimming technique pdf file

The 82 exercises form reference sections for each swimming stroke, complete with technique tips, teaching points and common mistakes for each individual exercise. The backstroke is, as the name suggests, the only one of the four competitive swimming strokes swum on the back in terms of speed, it is slower than the front crawl and butterfly but faster than the breaststroke backstroke swimming video. The rest of the pullfinish a rotation how much and timing b hand entry c kick d headbody position. Backstroke the supine body position for backstroke is. Swimming is one type of exercise that burns calories, builds muscle strength, and boosts cardiovascular fitness. Pdf the aim of this study was to characterize the backstroke swimming technique of 11 yearold swimmers when performing at very high intensity. The majority of the power is produced by the alternating arm technique and its horizontal streamlined body position gives it its efficiency. Improving your backstroke technique swimming tips and advice. Biomechanical analysis of backstroke swimming starts article pdf available in international journal of sports medicine 327. Biomechanical analysis of the backstroke start technique in swimming 32 of the first dolphin kick demonstrated a more ana logue movement behavior in the swimmers which. Backstroke swimming technique rotation swim faster. But if you dont approach the backstroke the right way, you could develop habits that are counterproductive.

Series of speedo videos showing how to perfect your backstroke swimming technique and get speedo fit. The movement of the arms in backstroke is somewhat unique. Pdf backstroke technical characterization of 11 yearold. This is the first video in a short series on learning to swim the backstroke.

Bobbing the head will throw off the entry position of the hand difficult to compensate for this error later in the stroke swimmers use the distance between the eye. Improve your backstroke technique with the most underrated skill of the stroke duration. Below is a video in slowmotion demonstrating backstroke. Biomechanical analysis of backstroke swimming starts. Pdf biomechanical analysis of the backstroke start. However, the most important movement of the stroke is the shoulders and hip rotation. Pdf biomechanical analysis of backstroke swimming starts. Elementary mastery of the aquatic environment and that can swim front crawl and backstroke with introductory to elementary technique, and breaststroke and. Its a stroke thats not as complicated as the butterfly or the breaststroke. Jeff pease, a longtime swim coach whos in charge of north coast aquatics in carlsbad, calif. The simplest and most advanced backstroke drill ever this drill was inspired by aaron peirsol, who has always been a positive presence in the austin swimming community where i.

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