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I posted this in an earlier post but everyone seemed to ignor it. Over 60 witnesses said the limo stopped or came to a near stop g. Part of the 8 hours of video was the unaltered video of the jfk assasination. Here is a video that clearly debunks coopers conclusion that the driver shot jfk. The fake reflection causes the headshot by working in perfect sync with the fake blood mist. It is an obvious fact that was finally acknowledged by myself, and ignored by literally hundreds of conspiracy kooks for the last 50 years. Moormans affadavit supports the dummie shot that followed the driver shooting at 3. How soviet union feared blame over jfk s assassination. Jfks brain and skull wound up all over the cops behind the limo and on the trunk lid of the limo. Bob, knows the driver fired on kennedy and this effect proves it beyond any doubt. If i take a teeball, and start rolling it by hand to get it up to speed, i still impart a force, but im using a lower force over a sustained period of time.

What conspiracy theory doesnt look like real climate science. With a 6seater, the theory of the driver shooting jfk goes right out the window. Trump supporter calls police on black lyft driver for not. Jul 22, 20 the estranged wife of the driver who was at the wheel of a limo that burst into flames killing five female passengers claims he was arguing with her over the phone just before the disaster. Most news footage was taken on film and processed just like a photo film. It was debated quite a bit and i seen the footage many times. The driver turned around and had his arm clearly visible hanging over the seat at one point and pointed towards jfk and many people argued that clip proved the driver is the one who shot him.

As more than 2,800 jfk files are released, one document reveals how the soviet union feared they were going to get blamed for putting lee harvey oswald up to the assassination of jfk. All of the evidence regarding the shot that killed kennedy is strongly indicative of the shot having come from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll. It was a dummie shot to confuse and give witnesses an alternative account for where the fatal shot really came from, the ss agent driving kennedys limo. Then discovery channel shows a clip seconds after the final shot inserting a fake shot sound and flash in which jackie has moved her head back into what would have been the line of fire. Long before there was fake news, there was the assassination of president john f. Dec 27, 2012 the altgens photo shows the tsbd doorway motorcade during the huge missing segment of the zapruder film, between frames 2 to 3which also is when the the first two shots are fired one hits jfk street in back, the other goes through the jfk lamp by limo windshield greer has brought the white motorcade pillar limo to a complete stop which. The explanation i read when i last saw this video, said that jfk was first of all immobilised by means of the metal back support vest he used to wear due to having a bad back. Kennedy was the 35th president of the united states. The driver shot jfkclearly page 7 lets roll forums. President kennedy had appeared in countless such motorcades routinely during his presidency. As in dallas, jfks limousine would be forced to make a difficult 90degree turn that would slow them to practically a standstill. This website brings together several hundred highquality images pertaining to the life and death of the 35th president of the united states, john f. On thursday, classified files about the kennedy assassination will be released.

Jfk facts 12 21 jfk cops who heard a grassy knoll shot. Kennedys last moments alive gave way in an instant on nov. At the end of the day, november 22, 1963 probably had an impact on curtis life, and after many years, he probably studied it, talked about it with his colleagues at parkland. She took the pic 15 a second before the fatal shot and then heard another one.

His driving actions, though, did enhance the ease of the assassins to hit their target. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on youtube. In todays dollars, the stretched 1961 lincoln continental used in presidential motorcades including the parade in dallas where president john f. The car was only a 4seater, but now in every photo and video, its a 6seater. This video replaces the one that was censored, due to the complaint filed by proponents of the theory that bill greer, the driver of the limousine turned around and shot. Kennedy on november 22, 1963, and the subsequent murder of prime suspect lee harvey oswald by night club owner jack ruby. Bill decker and john tower page 3 jfk assassination.

Citizen wells no one saw lee harvey oswald or steven paddock pull a trigger. Jun 27, 2016 many people me included dont remember what looks like a second windshield or the frame for the convertible top, yellow flowers, or mrs connally even being there. Files will shed light on a jfk shooting conspiracy but not the one. This kennedy gallery includes three main pages, with this first page focusing on the assassination of jfk. The assassination of the 35th president of the united states john fitzgerald kennedy in 1963 was one of the most dramatic and traumatic events in american history. Apr 24, 2015 i like max ratts clip show concept its different and entertaining and he gives good info and blatantly bad info as i mentioned before, he thinks the limo driver shot jfk as good as he was on ebola and flight 37something, he does wander off on some strange tangents its a seductive pose in spook jargon you could describe his act as. Jul 29, 2019 the unanimity of their reaction is striking. By coming to a near stop during the shooting spree, jfk was a muc. The second theory, denounced from the outset by authorities as a conspiracy nonsense, argued that powerful forces including some within government had the motive and means to kill kennedy via shots from the limo s front and then frame the exmarine oswald, whom some report as being on ground level in a doorway during the shooting and calmly sipping a soft drink at the warehouses second. On november 22, after hearing gunfire near the presidential motorcade, they all converged on the parking lot and the railroad yard, lined by a stockade fence, on top of a grassy embankment overlooking the motorcade route. There are people seeing things that are illusions atleast in my view, but in my view there is no proof that the limo driver shot kennedy. This week may 17 in crime history nba star jayson williams was charged with shooting a limo driver may 1, 2002. Oct 02, 20 neither have the outboard jfk limo dpd motorcyclists been factored into any shooting analysis. Exxon executive sidney reso was found dead after being kidnapped may 3, 1992.

There have been several clear films on youtube showing the limo driver turning around and leveling a large caliber, automatic pistol and shooting jfk from the front at exactly the moment the vehicle slows almost to a full stop. How cbs news aided the jfk coverup page 2 consortiumnews. Its story is told at the henry ford, a museum in dearborn, mich. As i recall from originally viewing the fake video you could see the drivers left arm straight and holding the steering wheel when it shows him turning around and the fake arm with the gun pointed at jfk when he received the fatal head shot. One theory that keeps coming up is that secret service agent william greer, the limousine driver, actually shot president kennedy with a handgun.

Bill cooper lived long enough to have heard the debunking of his conclusion but also ignored it, because he said he a saw top secret memo that the secret service killed jfk and every other. He later served as a lieutenant in the navy, where he earned a purple heart, among other honors, during world war ii. Kennedy kennedy with his wife, jacqueline, and texas governor john connally with his wife, nellie, in the presidential limousine, minutes before the assassination location dealey plaza, dallas, texas, u. Stabilized footage of the jfk assassination, from rwoahdude. Kennedy studied political science at harvard university. How do you feel about the jfk conspiracy page 6 the. Nov 27, 2010 this amount of time would have revealed to at least some viewers the connection between the fake reflection and the headshot. Angleton is thought to have been running oswald when oswald was a fake defector to russia from 19591962.

May 27, 2016 fake xrays no one has shown that faking a jfk xray would even be possible, let alone that it happened or is there some other explanation youd like to offer. Jfk assassination documentary the new york times duration. Despite mountains of evidence coming to light in subsequent probes and investigations proving otherwise, the conclusion of the warren commission that lee oswald singlehandedly planned and executed the murder of john kennedy is still parroted by the media. Bob, is a wannabe conspiracy theorist which means the driver did it, is off limits.

Kennedy, his death remains one of the worlds greatest unsolved murders. The last shot was fired to provide a red herring for the witnesses that remained on elm near the limo. The only people who could make videotapes were television studios. They broke the video down to show the limo had slowed to less than 11 mph at the time of the shooting. Zapruder film shows jfks driver firing fatal head shot. Kennedy was killed by lee harvey oswald as the president was riding in an opentopped car, with the first lady at his side, during a presidential. There is no evidence that jfks limo driver shot him. This is in keeping with those standard murderous methods used by criminal organizations like the jew mafia. Nov 18, 2016 as in dallas, jfks limousine would pass through a warehouse district which secret service advance men considered 10 times more deadly than any office building corridor. Kennedy when he was assassinated continued to be used by the three next.

Nov 14, 2006 there is no evidence that jfks limo driver shot him. Kennedy was assassinated, you may have heard about a few conspiracy theories. Oct 29, 2017 jfk assassination smoking gun windshield hole, conclusive proof of front shooter, man in front ducks and points, secret service agent police and witnesses saw hole, warren commission ignored why did the warren commission ignore the evidence of the windshield hole. The combination of the yellow markings on elm two, the umbrella man and dark complected man that perhaps signaled for the limo to stop and the fact that jfk was hit in the head aprox between the yellow markings suggests this limo stop was part of the plan f. The secret service failed president kennedy vince palamara. Kennedy facts, information and history on the life. Jfk assassination film hoax the fastforward mistakes.

Without the last shot that followed greers, people would have thrown their hands up like the agents did after roberts called them off jfks limo. This is exactly why the wcr diehards ridicule conspiracy theorists. This is consistent with the shot coming from the front, but of course the car is also moving forward, and is also said to have accelerated, and the cops themselves were moving forward, which would leave damagefragments behind, and also on the cops. Nov 22, 2015 52 years following the assassination of president john f. Jfk assassination limo driver bill greer interview youtube. Proponents of this theory claim to show he reaches back with his right hand and simply shoots jfk in the head. Jfks head snaps back because the force change in momenta of his brain matter happens in such a brief amount of time that the force itself is substantial, but not in its duration. The national archives are releasing tens of thousands of documents linked to kennedys assassination expect evidence of institutions.

I was of the understanding that the fatal shot came from the sewer using an exploding bullet,which would make sence as the shots tragectory was at an upward angle,and as far as a get away what a perfect way to go undetected,happens to be where the limo stopped as well,of all the theorys that makes the most sence to me,if it were from grassy knoll bullet would have been at a downward angle. See more ideas about jfk, kennedy assassination and john f kennedy. Kennedy attack type sniper assassination weapons 6. The zapruder film jfk 67 movie clip 1991 hd youtube. Oct 15, 2018 lyft driver shawn pepas lettman of brooklyn, n. Lee harvey oswald fired three shots at president john f. The limo that jfk was riding in when he was assassinated 50 years ago lived a long life after that day. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories wikipedia. Kennedys and king the three failed plots to kill jfk.

The driver, bill greer shooting jfk is not an opinion, theory, conspiracy theory, or a possibility. In it you can clearly see the driver shooting jfk and the passenger lean over to hold the wheel. Kennedy is seen riding in motorcade approximately one minute before he was shot in dallas, texas, nov. Speaking publicly about what he witnessed this is the only interview secret service agent bill greer granted reporters, he died 2 years after the interview. In the jfk visitor tour in dallas, which takes place daily, visitors are told jfk was already shot by frame 249 in this slow motion version. In a totally honest analysis, everyone who was present when the crime occurred gets scrutinized. Jfk assassination smoking gun windshield hole, conclusive.

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